This is a three- semester course including the One Semester Foundation Study with Certificate awarded by Informatics Academy Singapore.

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide students with a level of knowledge and skills appropriate to the application of Information Technology
  2. To understand aspects of computer architecture (hardware and software) which affect the design of computer-based systems.
  3. To ensure that students can describe the personnel issues involved with the design, implementation and operation of computer-based systems.
  4. To ensure that students are able to identify the activities of systems development and operation in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  5. To create awareness in students on the codes of conduct and good practices of professional bodies as well as the practical and professional implications in their work environment.
  6. To develop communication skills
  7. To cultivate team work among students.

Course Structure:

Students have to complete eight modules (courses) covered in two semesters. The course units are:

Course Code

Course Title


 System Analysis and Design


 Software Engineering


 Discrete Mathematics


 Object Oriented Analysis in Java


 Project: System Development


 Computer Architecture and Data Communication


 Information Management


 Database Management Systems

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Today, there is virtually e-everything; e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning, e-government, etc. It was in response to this global trend that the Jigawa State Government of Nigeria pioneered the establishment of Informatics Institute under a franchise agreement.

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Kazaure, town and traditional emirate in Jigawa state, northern Nigeria. The town has been the emirate’s headquarters since 1819. It was founded by Dan Tunku, a Fulani warrior who was one of the 14 flag bearers for the Fulani jihad (holy war) leader Usman dan Fodio.