The National Board for Technical Education NBTE has in October, 2010 granted an Interim Accreditation to the Institute to mount National Diploma (ND) in Computer Science.

In 2018, NBTE accredited the commencement of HND Computer Science, ND Computer Science, ND Computer Engineering and ND Library & Information Science as academic programmes.
In 2020, the same NBTE gave full accreditation to ND Computer Science and ND Library & Information Science programmes, while interim status was given to ND Computer Engineering programme.

In 2021, preparations have been in the pipeline to mount more National Diploma Programmes in the following areas:
1 ND Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
2 ND Printing Technology
3 ND Health Information Management
In 2021, the management made submission to His Excellency, the visitor for the upgrade of the institute to a full pledge ICT- Polytechnic for the benefit of the state and Nigeria in general. Preparation for more
courses and facilities are in the pipeline.

In November, 2023, the Institute has invited the NBTE for Resource Inspection Visitation in preparation to mount the following HND/ND programmes:
1. HND Computer Engineering
2. ND Health Information Management
3. ND Office Management Technology
4. ND Accountancy etc.