Due to the nature of the unique courses the institute runs, and the inter-governmental scholarship awards, the management of the institute provides with the special consideration for the refund of fund to the students, who have already paid their fees themselves, upon payment by the scholarship of their respective states, base on the confirmation of student’s payment from the bursary department and other relevant departments of the institute. Below are the different categories of refund;

1)    Refund of processing fees:-When the students paid processing fees and the admission letter is printed, the fees are non-refundable.

2)    Refund General (hostel, over payment, others):- The student has the privilege to apply for the refund of his/her claim as above

Procedure for refund general: -The students should;

i)              Purchase  a refund form from the bursary department

ii)             Fill the form with the Bank account number.

iii)            Attach the original payment receipt

iv)            Photocopy of admission letter.

v)             Photocopy of  blue form (Student payment record form)

vi)            Submit the refund form to the record office, Students affairs Division

Note: Course /tuition fees: Only 50% of Course /tuition fees will be refunded ,if claimed within 30 days of commencement of classes, provided the students have not started attending any lecture.

GOVERNMENT SPONSORSHIP REFUND: The students on scholarship, when the students paid his or her school fees before gaining government scholarship, the student should apply for the refund of the amount he or she paid, immediately when his/her sponsor paid on his/her behalf.

Procedure for refund of government sponsorship: -The students should;

vii)           Purchase a refund form from the bursary department

viii)          Fill the form with the Bank account number.

ix)            Attach the original payment receipt

x)             Photocopy of admission letter.

xi)            Photocopy of  blue form (Student payment record form)

xii)           Attach copy award letter

xiii)          Submit the refund form to record office, Students affairs Division.

 For more information contact the Institute Bursary Department on this number: 08036835419

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Current businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations are expected to personally possess broad knowledge across information and technology.  The Informatics Academy International, Singapore is well prepared — in terms of its programs, curriculum, industry links, history, and location; the peaceful city of Kazaure, Jigawa, Nigeria, offering countless partnerships  and opportunities — to give the education these organizations need. Read more >>>

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About UsThe establishment of the Institute culminated from the dare need to fill the vacuum created by a lack of government specialized institution in Information and Communication Technology. This was in spite of the fact that ICT has taken a centre stage in global systems and practices.


Today, there is virtually e-everything; e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning, e-government, etc. It was in response to this global trend that the Jigawa State Government of Nigeria pioneered the establishment of Informatics Institute under a franchise agreement.

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Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom. Opportunities for teaching and development exist everywhere and at all times on campus and it’s our job to seize these moments. As student affairs, our job is to foster and promote these interactions.

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We've a strong sporting ground, whether you wish to  play as part of a team or just want to keep fit! There are plenty of activities for you to choose from to help you stay healthy and active including soccer, badminton & basketball and many more. 


When you are choosing where to study, the quality & value for money of accommodation can be a key part of the decision making process. Where you live can be just as important as what you learn whether on campus, or nearby.


Kazaure, town and traditional emirate in Jigawa state, northern Nigeria. The town has been the emirate’s headquarters since 1819. It was founded by Dan Tunku, a Fulani warrior who was one of the 14 flag bearers for the Fulani jihad (holy war) leader Usman dan Fodio.