Frequently Ask Questions

  • Q: What are Compulsory Non-Credit Courses/ Required Courses in the course structure ?
    • These are considered in the fulfillment of the requirements of the particular degree programme and grades of these courses are not considered in calculating the FGPA.
  • Q: What are optional courses ?
    • Optional Courses are offered as part of the programme. Each student should accumulate the minimum number of optional credits specified under each degree program to complete the degree. The optional courses are defined as credited courses and therefore counted in calculating the FGPA.
  • Q: If I would be unable to attend the lectures or practical sessions, in case of an illness or any other sudden incidence, what kind of actions I should follow ?
    • student/ guardian shall inform the Dean of the Faculty within 10 working days of the incidence. Once the student returns to the University after such incidence, he/ she shall report to the Dean of the Faculty through Head of the Department by a letter with acceptable evidences of such an incidence. Final decision about the attendance shall be taken by the Faculty Board
  • Q: What is Continuous assessment ?
    • Students are assessed for their learning during the semester as an ongoing continuous process. Thus students have to face mid semester examinations, practical exams, spot tests, assignments, field works, project work, presentations, viva and tutorials. The weight attached to the continuous assessment is 40% and the balance 60% marks return from end semester exams.
  • Q: What is the minimum mark to be obtained for Continuous Assessments and End Semester Examinations, to pass a particular course ?
    • Refer page No: 226 - 230 for information
  • Q: What is the minimum Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) to complete the degree ?
    • Minimum FGPA of 2.00
  • Q: How many numbers of attempts to be sitting for an end semester examination shall be ?
    • Number of attempts to sit an end semester examination shall be not more than three, unless the student has obtained concessionary approval from the Faculty Board and the Senate.
  • Q: What is the maximum allowable time period to complete each degree ?
    • The maximum allowable time period to complete each is Eight Years.
  • Q: Can I get the excuse for the absence of an end-semester examination due to bereavement in the family (death of a parent, brother or sister, and if married, spouse or child) ?
    • Student will be excused if approval is obtained from the Faculty Board and the Senate by submitting a death certificate and appropriate proof of evidence.
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