Course Structure:

The course in line with NBTE tenets is divided into four semesters and in two years.  The outline course structure is as follows: 

Year 1 - Semester 1

GNS 101

Use of English I

GNS 127

Citizenship Education

MTH 112

Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry

STA 111

Introduction to Statistics

MEC 101

Technical Drawing

MEC 107

Mechanical Engineering Science

MEC 104

Mechanical Workshop Tech. and Practice I

EEC 112

Electrical Engineering Science

EEC 116

Electrical Workshop Practice I

COM 111

Introduction to Computer

Year 1 - Semester 2

GNS 102

Communication in English I

GNS 125


MTH 211


MEC 102

Descriptive Geometry

MEC 108

Introduction to Thermodynamics

EEC 124

Electronics I

EEC 126

Electrical Workshop Practice II

EEC 128

Electrical Measurement and Instrument

COM 122

Computer Operations

COM 221

Computer Programming (FORTRAN)

CTE 121

Digital Computer Fundamentals I


Year 2 - Semester 1

GNS 201

Use of English II

MTH 202

Logic and Linear Algebra

EEC 232

Electrical Circuit Theory 1


Electronics II

EEC 235

Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation II


Electrical/Electronic Maintenance and Repair

CTE 211

Micro Computer Fundamentals

CTE 212

Computer Workshop Practice I

CTE 213

Digital Computer Fundamentals II

CTE 214

Computer Architecture

Year 2 - Semester 2

GNS 202

Communication in English II

MTH 122

Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry

EEC 242

Electrical Circuit Theory

EEC 244

Telecommunication Engineering

CTE 221

Computer Programming (Assembly Language)

CTE 222

Computer Workshop Practice II

CTE 223

Operating Systems

CTE 224

Computer Power Systems

CTE 225